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A vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the United States. Auto theft is big business! If auto theft were legalized and incorporated, it would rank 56"' among the Fortune 500 companies.

Your vehicle is one of the largest investments you make. New vehicles are not the only targets for car thieves. Thieves look for cars that can be resold quickly or stripped for parts.

No vehicle or anti-theft device is 1009 theft proof and discouraging thieves is not an easy task. A thief's greatest enemy is time. The more difficult your car is to steal, the longer it takes to be stolen. By making your car a tougher target, the thief will probably move on to a car that is easier to steal.

The most stolen vehicles in the State of Texas are:

1. Chevrolet Full Size C/K Pickup
2. Ford Full Size Pickup (150/250/350)
3. Honda Accord
4. Toyota Camry
5. Chevrolet/GMC Suburban
6. Honda Civic
7. Dodge Ram Pickup
8. GMC Full Size C/K Pickup
9. Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Neon
10. Oldsmobile Cutlass/Supreme/Ciera

Registering your vehicle in the H.E.A.T. program is one way to combat auto theft and is recommended by the Dallas Police Department Yon may register your vehicle on line at or go to your nearest DPD patrol station.

Texas is the first state to implement a statewide vehicle registration program aimed at reducing auto theft during nighttime hours. Vehicle owners not normally using their vehicle between l a.m. and 5 a.m. sign an agreement allowing peace officers to verify ownership they observe the vehicle being driven during H.E.A.T. hours. Owners may extend additional authority at the time of registration to have the vehicle stopped for verification 24-hours-a-day at the Texas-Mexico border.






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