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Home Security Surveys & Insurance Reduction Surveys...a Free Service

North Central Crime Prevention has a deal for you. They will come to your home and conduct a security survey and/or an insurance reduction survey to help make your house more secure. They will discuss locks, lighting and landscaping. Many, but not all, insurance companies offer a discount on your homeowners premiums if you comply with certain State of Texas mandated regulations. The reduction can be 5%, 15% or a combination of the two resulting in a 20% discount. There are no rules for a security survey, just awareness for homeowners after a visit. Please call  (214) 670-6497 if you are interested in either of these free services. Paperwork will be sent to those who are interested in an insurance reduction survey prior to the appointment so that the requirements to pass the inspection can be fulfilled.

Neighborhood Speeding

If you would like to report speeding in your neighborhood, call the city of Dallas Traffic Section at 214-670-6956.  You can also ask that they setup police radar to curtail speeding.

To request additional patrols in your neighborhood call: 214-670-7253.

Where Are We?

NDNA is located in the North Central Division of the Dallas Police Department.

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Ask a Cop

Your questions answered by one of Dallas' finest.

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A vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the United States. Auto theft is big business! If auto theft were legalized and incorporated, it would rank 56"' among the Fortune 500 companies. . . .

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Dallas Police Crime Information Web Page

An excellent source of information for:

  • Protecting Children from Violence
  • Crime Watch
  • Victim's Compensation
  • Weekly Crime Briefing
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Knowledge of a Crime?
  • Indecency Related Offenses

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911 How & Why It Works

There seems to be some confusion regarding the City of Dallas 911 system and its use. The police department and the fire department are the only city services that utilize the 911 system. Anytime you have a police or fire incident, the only telephone number needed is 911. 911 operates on a priority system and every call that is received by an operator is given a code to determine its level of importance or seriousness in the 5-tier system. The higher priority calls are answered as soon as an officer is available to answer them and the lower priority calls are answered when there are no higher priority calls waiting. The system is designed so that you will not be taking service away from someone who needs it more and it helps the DPD and DFD track all our calls.

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Who to Contact

If you have any crime alert information that you would like to share with the members of the North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance, please send it to us.

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