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Home Burglaries

The information below is from an email sent to all residents of the Valley View HOA.  Valley View HOA is bounded by Spring Valley, LBJ, Coit and Hillcrest.  That is very close to most of us. The email contains details of 3 recent home burglaries and some excellent tips on how to help prevent more.

"We have had three home burglaries in the past few days in the Valley View area. 

I wanted to alert you that thieves are breaking into homes and taking items that appear to be able to be sold for cash.   We all need to be alert to this new rash of incidents.   We have had few burglaries in recent months and I hope these three this week are not indicative of a new trend.

Three reported incidents include:

  • On 8/4 between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm intruders climbed the locked fence; entered the home through a window and took numerous items including musical instruments, electronics, a coin collection and apparently departed through the garage.  The left the garage door open when they left.   Incident occurred in the 13400 block of Spring Grove Ave.

  • On 8/7 on the next street – 13300 block of Purple Sage, it was reported that thieves entered the home through an unlocked door and stole electronic equipment including an I-phone, a video camera and a laptop computer.   According to the report the incident occurred at 12:30 in the morning.

  • Also on 8/7 burglars entered a home at 13094 Meandering Way at 2:30 am  entering the home by lifting the garage door and entering the home through the garage.  The thieves reportedly took DVDs, video games, a wallet, cash and other items.

Here are a things we should all do to help deter criminal behavior/home burglaries:

  • Be alert to strangers or suspicious activities including strange to the area automobiles in driveways.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked and secure. 
  • Lock your gates on your fence.  
  • Be sure your home alarm system is activated if you have one.
  • Leave lights on in the home if you are gone during the evening hours.
  • Leave a radio or TV on if you are going away….it may indicate to the thieves that people are at home.
  • Report suspicious persons or events that seem out of the ordinary to 911.  Give all the details of the persons (clothes, height, weight, kind of vehicle, etc.)"

WARNING - Credit Card Scam.

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Real Estate Fraud

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Yes, it is happening in far North Dallas.  So be on the lookout for those deals that just don't seem right.  At least five homes have been flipped in the last few months on Winterwood Lane.  Winterwood is just south of Arapaho and intersects Hillcrest. 

In my opinion, it is the same as robbing a bank, except no guns are involved.  Hopefully, the perpetrators in the Winterwood scam will be indicted and convicted before they can do more harm. Webmaster

Be on the alert!

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A few Safety Tips From the Dallas Police Department


  • Video tape the interior of your home and property to remember what you have ---- or had. Store the video in a safe place. Make sure to include jewelry and new gifts.
  • If youre going out of town for any holiday tell a trusted neighbor how to reach you. Call the North Central police station / 214-670-7253 for an extra patrol.
  • Put lights and possibly a radio on timers so the house looks like someone is at home.
  • Dont display gifts where they may be seen through a window or door way.


  • Prevent purse snatches. Wear a fanny pack for work and every day use.
  • If carrying a hand bag dont lay it on the counter or leave it in your shopping cart. AND if you do leave it in the shopping cart use the baby seat strap to buckle to the shopping cart. Dont put your shoulder bag over your head.
  • Be cautious if you take packages out to your car and go back in. Always put your purchases in your trunk.
  • Avoid wearing valuable loose fitting jewelry.


  • Remember that criminals work in parking lots. Try to take advantage of VALET parking.
  • Shopping at night always park under light poles.
  • Dont walk to your car alone if parked in a dark area; call for security to watch as you go to your vehicle and park close to the shopping center.
  • Dont leave visible items in your car.

Don't bite on tax refund "phishing" line

What's the worst kind of "phishing" expedition you can imagine?

I asked myself that question and came up with this answer: "the one that affects me" and the latest one I've run across certainly affects me. In fact, it affects everybody who pays taxes and who sometimes anticipate a refund.

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