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Be certain to check for the multitude of changes and bridge closures which will be impacting all traffic on LBJ and bridges...... their website is:

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Public Input Meetings for
Recreation Master Plan and Renaissance Plan Update

Renaissance Plan

On May 14, 2014 the City Council approved a contract with Wallace Roberts & Todd LLC to produce the Park and Recreation Departments first-ever recreation master plan and to update the 2002 comprehensive plan, known as A Renaissance Plan. One of the consultant's initial tasks is to conduct public meetings in order to solicit input from our citizens and patrons. Following are the dates, times and locations of the Phase 1 public input meetings:

Tuesday, August 5th - 6:00 to 7:30pm

Janie C. Turner Recreation Center, 6424 Elam Road Campbell Green Recreation Center, 16600 Parkhill Drive

Wednesday, August 6th - 6:00 to 7:30pm

Grauwyler Recreation Center, 7780 Harry Hines Boulevard Kiest Recreation Center, 3080 S. Hampton Road

Thursday, August 7th - 6:00 to 7:30pm

Harry Stone Recreation Center, 2403 Millmar Drive

For the 2002 Comprehensive Plan see:

Chief on the Beat Crime Prevention & Safety Health Fair
Saturday, August 15th, 2014
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

You are invited.
Crime Prevention Safety and Health Fair

Citizen Forrester

Citizen Forester

Classes Begin  September 2014
Registration Ends August 15th, 2014

Registration Fee $75.00

Click Here for the Citizen Forrester Flyer (pdf)

This Could Cost You

Now that summer is here and residents and homeowner associations alike are caring for lawns, please make certain that you and any landscape help you use are aware of the following.

City of Dallas Top 5 Code Violations

1.) High Weeds Grass and weeds over 12" tall is considered a violation.

2.) Litter If you have trash or litter on your property, clean it up.

3.) Junk Motor Vehicles Motor vehicles that are inoperative and/or partially dismantled and have expired license tags or safety stickers are considered "junk motor vehicles".

4.) Obstruction Blocking sidewalks, alleys, or service areas with trash, weeds/brush, or other objects is a violation of City Code.

5.) Bulky Trash Once a month, the city collects large objects such as shrubs, bagged leaves, large tree limbs, appliances, and furniture.  The material may be placed out on your front curb no earlier than 7:00 am on the Thursday prior to collection week.

Click Here for the Flyer (pdf)


At the briefing the week of 6 May on the proposed Valley View – Galleria area zoning City Planning Commissioners received a printed packet of information. That information is now available online. You can access the material at:

The OmniPlan site – Valley View – Galleria Area Plan PDF can be viewed by clicking here:

Draft Valley View – Galleria Area Plan
(PowerPoint PDF with 85 slides updated 05-01-2013)

The Beck Venture’s Website addressing disclosed plans for this developer’s concepts on their 106  acres is available at:

The Dallas Plan Commission will be holding a further hearing on this plan on the afternoon of May 16th and  City Council will hold their hearing on May 22nd.

NDNA Membership

If your homeowner's association would like to become an NDNA Member, just click here and find your homeowner's association and then complete the 2014 Membership Application.

If you were a member in 2013 and have not updated your registration by March 30th, 2013, you will not be able to visit the Member's Only web pages without updating your registration and paying the annual dues. Just log into the "Members Only" web and then click on Complete NDNA 2014 Membership Form (2014 Membership) or if you were the President or the NDNA Designated Representative you can easily update your Membership by clicking on the Update Your HOA Membership Information (Update Membership) link. Thank you for your participation!

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June 6th, 2014

Law Enforcement Arrests Members of the Violent Goon Squad and Others on Drug Trafficking and Robbery Conspiracy Charges

Following a law enforcement operation yesterday by special agents with the FBI and officers with the Dallas Police Department, 10 defendants who are charged in a drug distribution and robbery conspiracy are in custody. Details

June 3rd, 2014

Bank Robber Sentenced to 70 Months in Federal Prison for Robbing a Garland Branch of Bank of America

Jason Wayne Hulsebus, 34, was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $10,090 in restitution, following his guilty plea in February 2014 to one count of bank robbery. Details

May 28th, 2014

Parker County Woman Sentenced in Extensive Mortgage Fraud Scheme

A 53-year-old Aledo, Texas woman has been sentenced to federal prison for her role in a mortgage fraud scheme in the Eastern District of Texas. Donna Shirley Cobb pleaded guilty on October 16, 2013 to conspiracy to defraud the United States and was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison today by U.S. District Judge Thad Heartfield. Cobb was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,151,376.   Details

FBI's Most Recent Press Releases for Monday, July 28, 2014
FBI's Most Recent Press Releases for
Monday, July 28, 2014